Elder Harrell Prince Taylor, is the name that is synonyms with the True Churches’ H.P.Taylor Brotherhood Organization. Affectionately known by family as “Preacher”, he was one who endeavored to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace in all things that challenged him. Throughout his lifetime, he had a positive impact on many he encountered.  Though he has departed this mortal body, many words of encouragement, laughter that was shared, lessons taught, and wisdom imparted, offers joyous moments of reflection which would cause one to pause and reconsider their ways and perhaps, just perhaps, reassess life choices. 

Harrell worked for the Department of Corrections and as a bus driver for the local school system. In his daily work, he would interact with those who were either incarcerated or those making uninformed life decisions because of misinformation. If these were to be the paths chosen to follow, then it is ultimately those decisions which had the propensity to either lead to a life that is beneath that of the life an individual is capable of living, a life of perpetual incarceration, or perhaps more tragic, even death. He recognized early the individual, familial, as well as societal impact misinformed decisions imposes. His sermons eloquently titled, “There’s a Better Way to Live” and “Sleeping in a Dangerous Time”, were meant to evoke thought and self- reflection hoping to provoke individuals to a peaceable life and better works.  Thus, the H.P. Taylor Brotherhood is a platform that serves as the epitome of Elder Taylor’s soul which represents love, fellowship, and service to other’s. 


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